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August 2010



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Aug. 22nd, 2010


Quote of the day:

And now I know why I am marrying this one.

Gisele showed me the coin below and said:

"I thought it was funny money"

apologies to the Crazy Cat Lady. (in training)

In other news I have two racks of short ribs and rack of baby backs on the Smoker. Gleefully shot up with apple juice and Garlic sauce. Current internal temperature, bout 130F One hour to go.


Aug. 21st, 2010


Cooking supper in the Morning (First Post)

Looks like I'll be cooking tomorrow morning as well.  I'm learning to get a jump on the whole dinner thing.  Gisele likes to eat on a regular basis, fixed meal times and all.  Left to her own devices, we'd corner the market on peanut butter.   I've got a dinners worth of homemade pasta in the freezer and and I can make 4 of such on the weekends.  

Today: Quick Smoked Chicken Breasts.

Two grocery store standard breasts, large with too much fat, but, what can you do.  (You really need the skin and fat left on with the smoker, it can be trimmed before eating.) Drizzled with Soy sauce (mostly for the salt) and dusted with Dr Paisleys Reasonably Hot Chili Powder (and I'm sure he will leave a comment on how you can acquire your own.  A tasty seasoning, as long as you don't eat it by the spoonful, like I'm sure he does.) and generic chicken seasoning.  I took a small clove of garlic and slivered it and buggered the breasts with it.  (I'm sure there is a term for when you slit the meat and slide garlic or other seasonings directly there of, I don't know the term. Sorry, buggering works.)  Drizzled with olive oil and set for an hour.

I skipped the fire box and put cherry-wood and apple-wood chips on the left side of the grill, with the breasts on the right, so they will get slightly more heat than a straight smoke.  Temperature is showing 220F so it is probably about 320F in there. Just about right.  I'll apply the left over juice here in a couple of minutes and Tanya and I will have supper for Monday after work.

My daughter is moving back to KC from Chicago today, so tomorrow I will be smoking Babyback ribs for the moving crew.  (She's young and has young friends, damn it, I'll feed 'em, they can do the work)

We shall see how that goes.  It will be my first attempt with ribs.  I may even post pictures.


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